Daily WOD – Oct 19, 2020

Swetha repping out snatches last Wednesday!

Workout of the Day

Complete for time:

Run 1 mile

Immediately into 40-30-20-10 reps of:

  • Burpees
  • Wallballs

WOD Notes:  The first mile is a buy-in, so you should go hard but not a PR attempt! You’ll finish the mile run and immediately start in on burpees. If your first mile will take longer than 10-11 minutes, scale it to 1200m. The burpees should be a grind but not a show-stopper. If you know you’re a slower burpee-er, consider plank burpees or 1/2 reps of full burpees.  There will be a 25 minute time cap on the workout.

Nutrition Notes: Day 15 of 30. Two weeks down and 16 days to go! Usually at this point in the challenge everyone will find themselves in one of three groups. Which group are you in?

  1. You’ve been strictly following your nutrition plan for the last 2 weeks, and you’re starting to hit your stride and feel great. You’re breathing easier during workouts, sleeping better at night, and leaning out. If this is you, keep up the awesome work!
  2. You’ve been too loose with your eating (or fell off the bandwagon entirely). You feel like there’s no point in even trying anymore. If this is you, stop those negative thoughts… IT’S NOT TOO LATE! There are 16 days remaining in the challenge, so if you start NOW then in two weeks you too can be feeling awesome! Wake up tomorrow and turn over a new leaf.
  3. You’ve been strictly following the challenge but you feel cruddy. You’re low energy during the WODs, not sleeping well, and hungry all the time. If this is you, we probably missed the mark on your nutrition plan. Contact us ASAP so we can revise your plan for the 2nd part of the challenge and get you feeling great!
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