Daily WOD – Nov 4, 2021

Lindsay hitting a rope pull!

Workout of the Day

Complete for time:

  • 30 power cleans (135/93#)
  • 30 handstand push ups
  • 30 slam balls (30/20#)

Rest 2 minutes then complete:

  • 30 slam balls (30/20#)
  • 30 handstand push ups
  • 30 power cleans (135/93#)

Record total time, including the 2 minute rest.

WOD Notes:  The handstand push ups should ideally take less than 3 minutes in the first round and less than 4 minutes in the second.  Choose a power clean weight that will take between 1 and 3 minutes to complete the set.

Rowvember Note:  The second workout will be in SugarWOD tomorrow!  Feel free to pull a rower outside or into the back room (if not in use) to get it done.

Nutrition Note:  You’re most of the way through the challenge now and you’ve probably found some “go-to” meals that fill in your days.  That is indeed a key to success.  Take some time to look at your meals and see if they have meat, vegetables and carb.  On these challenges, meat and rice are often a staple but it can be easy to forget to add that handful of spinach or a cut up cucumber.  Try to find a few spots in your day to increase the veggie intake and see how you feel!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Betsy!

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