Daily WOD – Nov 27, 2022

Charlie getting strong in the Teen program!

Workout of the Day

With a partner, complete 2 rounds for time of:

  • 20/16 calorie row or bike (each: at the same time)
  • 40 Power Cleans (165/113#)
  • 20/16 calorie row or bike (each: at the same time)
  • 40 Power Snatches (135/83#)

Time Cap: 25 minutes

WOD Notes:  Partners will share 1 bike and 1 rower. You can decide how (if) to alternate! (You can also sub a 200m run for the row/bike if preferred.) Both partners will bike/row at the same time, and each has to finish their 20/16 calories before either partner can start on the barbell work. Similarly, the barbell work must be completed before either partner starts back on the rower/bike. Each athlete gets their own barbell and will change the weight between movements.  Only one athlete works at a time while on the barbell!  Reps do not need to be split evenly.


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