Daily WOD – May 13, 2022

Color coordinated toes to post!

Workout of the Day

Take 20 minutes to find a 1 rep max of the following complex:

  • 3 deadlifts + 2 hang squat cleans + 2 shoulder to overheads

Then accumulate 2 minutes of:

  • L-sit hold

WOD Notes:  A barbell complex consists of completing all the movements without placing the bar down to rest!  If you are significantly limited by the overhead portion of the lift, consider making it 3 deadlifts + 3 hang squat cleans.  L-sit holds will ideally come from the floor but we can modify to rings, pull up bars, boxes or plates!


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  1. Boelker

    There are 36 ICA athletes competing in Battle on Bridge Street III that MIGHT want to do a rep every 2 minutes as you work up, then hit a manageable but difficult weight every 1 minute to close. You need to know how this can turn quickly into barbell cardio.

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