Daily WOD – May 1, 2021

Pugh ripping through double unders!

Workout of the Day

Part 1:

Complete a heavy 400m sled drag*

* Men use somewhere between 120 and 200#, women between 70 and 150#.

Part 2:

Find a 1 rep max Turkish get up (on each side)

WOD Notes:  In larger classes, half the class will take ~15 minutes to set up and drag a sled while the other half works through TGU and then switch.  The sled drag should be heavy enough that you have to stop a couple of times while out on the walk. For the TGU, most athletes will use a KB or DB. For an extra challenge, try a barbell, med ball or slam ball!  You can see a TGU demo below:

Mask Policy: Our new mask policy is in effect beginning today. Members are allowed to remove their masks when they are inside their designated workout stations. Masks will still be required to enter the facility and any time you leave your station. All of our other safety measures remain in effect, including pre-screening before coming to the gym, 6′ distancing at all times (especially when unmasked!), frequent hand washing and equipment sanitizing, and use of our air ionization system. For more information please read our COVID-19 operating policy and reach out with any questions!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Janet and Diana!

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