Daily WOD – May 1, 2020

Jill – Thank you for your dedication and service!

At-Home Workout #49

Warm Up

2 minutes run in place (see video for fun variations)

3 rounds of:

  • 3 inchworms
  • 6 spiderman lunges (3R/3L)
  • 9 squats
  • 12 plank knee to elbow (6R/6L)

Then complete 3-5 reps of each movement in the workout

Workout of the Day

Complete 4 rounds for time of:

  • 20 push ups
  • 30 single arm (squat) cleans 
  • 40 mountain climbers (20R/20L)

Cool Down

  • Childs pose – 1 minute arms overhead, 1 min cross arm under (each side)

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout. Post to comments: Time, weight used.

Schedule Notes: Join us for class at 6am, 12pm, or 4pm. Our happy hour / FUCS celebration kicks off at 8:00pm; Quizzo starts around 8:30pm. Please RSVP on Facebook and set up your teams in advance! Join via our Zoom link on the RHS of the blog. Password ICASTRONG.

Community Notes: Happy birthday Janet, Diana G and Rachel A!

FUCS Finalists: Huge congratulations to the following 28 athletes who completed 4+ workouts for all 6 weeks of the challenge! That’s a huge accomplishment and we are proud of you! To compete for the grand prize, send us an email by Monday evening with your eating log for the period of April 22 – April 26. If you recorded your weight or any body measurements before and after, please include those too! Also, if you think we missed you, please let us know asap. (There were a lot of comments to sort through!) Thank you!


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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. Jenn
    Hi, you missed me! I did all 6 weeks!😆
    And I will be joining for Quizzo tomorrow!

    1. Sorry Jenn!!! I believe you did all 6 weeks!

  2. Thank you Jill!!

  3. 6 AM Virtual WOD Results:
    Diana 13:35 (26# KB)
    Steve M.18:52 (55# DB
    Murray 18:27 (50# DB)

  4. 17:37 (52.5# DB)
    Don’t underestimate this one. 😵

  5. Thank you Jill!

    This is going to take me 3.14 days!!

    My tailbone is jacked up from sit-ups on the driveway. I even used a blanket folded up multiple times.

  6. Forgot to post FUCS challenge workout from yesterday.
    14:19 (2:07 improvement) modified with 2XSU

    1. [Nik] Great job Craig!

  7. 16:49 – I did single arm db clean and jerks instead of the single arm squat cleans. 25 lb for first two sets then dropped to 20 lb for the last two sets.

  8. 16:58 (60#DB hang squat clean)

  9. Thank you Jill!
    13:53 (Knee Push Ups, 15# DB)

  10. 12 PM Virtual WOD Results:
    Ryan B. 14:56 (20 KB)
    Alex W. 19:48 20/rd
    Nicole W. 19:51 (35 KB, 20” box PU)
    Marissa 19:35 (20 DB, blue band elevated PU)
    Heather 16: 48 (10 WB squat, elevated PU)
    Tom 17:50 (95# BB cleans, 12/rd)
    Eilish 16:40 (12 DB, knee PU)
    Shania 16:30 (12 DB, knee PU)
    Zoo Sub 20:00 (135 BB Bench Press, 53 KB)
    Nik 15:57 (35 KB)

    1. Thanks for coaching, Ricky! This was a really fun 12:00 class!

  11. 17:03
    For me, the squat cleans were brutal!

    1. Betsy, I completely agree!! I would have benefited with a push to keep going!

    2. [Nik] Me three!

  12. WOW! That escalated quickly!
    20:08 RX 30#kb

  13. 13 and change – 35#
    That was a crazy burner – not expected!

    1. [Nik] Agreed. Way harder than expected. Fun though. In a soul-sucking sort of way 🙂

  14. Jenn
    Holy moly that was spicy!! Can not wait to get a barbell in my hands! This DB keeps taking a little bit is my soul!!😆
    16:42 #35 DB

  15. 19:15
    27lb dumbbell

    I heard this was bad, but it was worse than I expected 😭😭

  16. Mado- 16:33 (25# DB, PU on plate)
    Kelsey- 16:29 (35# KB, banded PU light)

    That really escalated geeeeeez 😳

  17. I was already on the fence for working out today and you guys are not making it any easier to get my butt moving! 😱

    1. It would be much easier if we were together!!

      1. SO TRUE!!! 😢

      2. Maybe not easier but at least we would feel like we are not the only ones suffering 🤪. The squat cleans were real burner!!!

  18. If anyone is reluctant to do this workout (myself included), join me in the 4 pm and we’ll suffer together. #sharedsuffering #fridaynightquizzo

    1. Very tempting, Ricky!

  19. Too tempted to get outside and enjoy the new torture device. 5 mile run, 40:46

  20. I lacked motivation. I shut off the clock after round 1 and finished at a reasonable pace.

    53# KB

  21. 15:43 (50 DB)

    1. [Nik] Nice job on the solo WOD, Ricky.

  22. I don’t normally cherry pick, but … I think I will go for a walk today.

  23. 13:26

    1. [Nik] you were flying!

  24. Did yesterday’s WOD #48
    16 + 11
    20# one-arm RKB swings
    25# DB one-arm bent over rows
    25# DB one-arm push press

  25. 20:21, 35#

  26. 14:22 35#DB

  27. 65# barbell. First time doing this with barbell since the dark times started, so went light and slow to play it safe. Dropped to 45# for last set
    My time is 23:15.41
    Lap times:
    1. 5 44.27
    2. 5 42.40
    3. 6 37.40
    4. 5 11.33

  28. 15:26. 35# DB

  29. 23:03 #26 resistance band push ups

  30. 18:50
    35# DB
    A little late posting 🙂

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