Daily WOD – Mar 18, 2015

Dan E making a leap for the rope!
Dan E making a leap for the rope!

Front Squat 8-8-8


10 minutes of pistol practice

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  1. Carver looks like he is eyeing up the competition. He’s gunning for Dan E.

  2. Results:
    Sarah L. 85 across
    Kelly K. 135
    Jenn 155
    Dan E. 215
    Joe W. 235
    Dennis 135
    Justin 185×6 back squat

  3. Hi all, don’t mean to hijack the WOD but lets be honest, I do those things from time to time. I meant to do this earlier but if anyone has nothing to do at 8am this Sunday morning and wanted to run 4 miles I have a race for you.

    We do this in honor of my dad who died from Colon cancer. He was an avid runner and most likely faster than you. At our peaks he was always faster than I ever was (tough pill to swallow). I know it’s last minute but if anyone is able to join we’d love to have you. I’ve attached the link, our team name is Dad’s Bums. Thanks for listening.


    1. Darn, on-line registration may be close, I can’t see how to do it from the link, here is the one from the main page if you are interested. I am 100% certain you can register the morning of the race.


      Lastly, I am NOT looking for donations, this year I prefer to raise awareness. To all the guys on here (mostly because guys are big babies though women should get checked too) go get checked out. It involves an unpleasant procedure (think finger and warm thoughts) but no less pleasant than some of the workouts we do.

    2. Rick, give me a shout tomorrow. I’ll join you.

  4. 9:30
    Joanna 105
    Patrick 175
    Julie 75
    Katie n 115
    Katie l 75
    Moira 45
    Eric d 165
    Erik 125

  5. 6:00
    Dyno-Mite Dave 225 (240×7)
    Poppin ‘n Lockin Pete 115
    Enamered Erin 115

    Marvelous MB 110
    Calm, Cool, & Collective Colleen 🙂

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