Daily WOD – Mar 17, 2020

At-Home WOD #4

“Shoulder Strength Day”

Warm Up

2 rounds of:

  • 10 shoulder circles forward/backward
  • 5R/5L neck rolls each direction
  • 10 scap push ups
  • 3R/3L mountain climbers (slow)

Workout of the Day

Complete in order, not for time:

3 rounds of:

  • 5R/5L mountain climbers
  • Max consecutive A-frame push ups

3 rounds of:

  • 5R/5L mountain climbers
  • Max lateral raises (5-15#)

3 rounds of:

  • 5R/5L mountain climbers
  • Max seated shoulder press

3 rounds of:

  • 5R/5L mountain climbers
  • Max bent over flies

Cash Out

30-20-10 reps for time of:

  • Side crunches R/L
  • Toe touches

Cool Down

  • 1 minute pec stretch per side
  • 1 minute lat stretch per side

WOD Notes:  Click here for an explanation of today’s workout. When we say “max” reps, we mean go until you get a burn and then do 3-5 more. Don’t keep going once the reps get ugly! Post to comments: Weight used for the WOD and time for the ab cash out.

P3 Nutrition Notes:  Yes!! You can still order P3 meals during our gym shut down! You can have delivered to your house, or have them delivered to ICA like normal. We’ll open up the gym on Sunday evening from 4:00-5:00pm and Monday morning from 6:00-9:00am for you to pick them up.

FUCS Nutrition & Fitness Challenge: We’re going to go live on our YouTube channel tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1:00pm to kick off our FUCS Challenge! We’ll go over the rules of the challenge, but the focus will be discussing the various nutrition options.  Please join us live to ask questions! We’ll also be available after the broadcast to answer questions by email, or for more extensive questions we’ll offer free 15 minute minute phone consultations.

Community Notes: Happy birthday Maggie!

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This Post Has 52 Comments

  1. Shouldn’t we be celebrating birthdays with at home burpees???

    1. Only if the bday guy/gal comes to “class”!!

  2. This was awesome!
    Lateral Raises, Bent over flies – 5#, Shoulder Press – 10#
    HOLY ABS – 6:10 (this was BURNING)
    Happy Birthday Maggie! 🎉

  3. Thank you John and Nikky. The videos are awesome!!! I Love seeing the kiddos and the 🐕.
    Lateral raise and bend over flys: 5#DB (15-20 reps)
    Seated OHP : 10 reps with 15#DB, 2X 10 reps with 10#DB
    Regular PU: 15 reps per round
    ABS work: 7:22 – barely toe touch 🥺 for 30, switched to hallow rocks for 20s and 10s

    1. glad you’re enjoying it!

  4. Great WOD! Thanks for all the informative videos & notes!

    Lat Raise 10 lb (15 or less for all 3 sets)
    Shoulder Press 20 lb (10 or less for all 3 sets)
    Bent Over Flys 10 lb (15 or less for all 3 sets)
    Cash Out was killer and I didn’t time it (set of 25 then 2 sets of 10)

  5. Thanks for guidance guys!
    Harder part is my puppy! 😂
    3:48 min on abs

    1. The puppy challenge

  6. Nik
    Completed w/ 8# dumbbells. Forgot to time abwork.
    Completed w/ water bottles. Didn’t do abwork!
    We didn’t do Maggie’s birthday burpees but we still plan to do them… if she posts her results to the blog! 🙂 🙂

  7. Lat Raise 8 lb
    Shoulder Press 10 lb
    Bent Over Flys 5 lb

    Forgot to time ab work, but they’re burning! 🤪

    1. Lat Raise – 10lb
      Shoulder Press – 35lb bar
      Bent over flys – 10lb

  8. Great first workout for me! I used #12 dumbbells so my reps were low. I forgot to time the ab workout but I was definitely sweating! Had some moral support from Pierre the cat.

  9. 8lb kettlebells for lateral raises, shoulder press, and bent over flies. Shoulders will be feeling this one tomorrow.

    4:05:40 for abs.

    Happy Birthday, Maggie!!

  10. Led into this WOD wiith a 30 min run. Then,
    12 -15 reps w 5# plates- lateral raise, flys
    10# DB’s – shoulder press

  11. Abs = 4:22

  12. Jill – 5lb dumbells
    Jameson -3lb dumbells
    Brian and John (neighbor)- 20lb dumbells and 95# barbell shoulder presses

    Brian and John cash out 40-30-20-10 sit-ups with alternating rounds of 10 50# dumbbell push presses and 95#barbell push presses

  13. Lateral raises – 6.5#
    Shoulder presses – 6.5#
    Bent over flies – 15#
    Abs – 4:08

  14. Done today and yesterday forgot to set my timer.
    8# dbs for everything. Also fun introducing xfit to neighbors!

    1. Oh… I’ve been sending them to my dad too. He loves it! Thank you!!!

      1. I love that your neighbors and dad are getting to enjoy the workouts too!

  15. Check (my workout partner was NOT in a cooperative mood today lol)

  16. 3:54 on abs and no idea on my weights.. Thanks for helping finally find a use for all of my old physics textbooks 😆
    Thank you for the videos! Love the cameos!!

  17. Lat Raises 10#
    Seated Press 25#
    Bent over Flies 10#
    Cash out 3:40

  18. All mountain climbers were subbed with 30+ single under (if I hit 30 and was still going I went to failure)
    25lb DBP subbed for A frame 38, 26, 25
    20lb DB later raises 24, 16, 10
    20lb DB seated press 10, 9,9
    20lb DB flies 6,5,5
    Cashout time 7:46

    Thank you for the workout

  19. 7.5#
    4:25 Cash out

  20. Used gallon water jugs for my weights @ 15 reps of each
    Did a bunch of ab work including the cash out🤣
    Happy birthday, Maggie! I will do birthday burpees too! Kids played outside!!

  21. 15# for all
    Cash out 4:49

  22. A frame (10,11,10)
    Lateral (20,20,15) red band (20#?)
    Seated (11,7,6) 20#
    Flies (10, 8, 9) 20#

    5:25 cash out

  23. 10# DB’s for the WOD
    6:14 cash out

  24. Kyle
    Lat Raises 15# 10- 12/Rd
    Seated Press 15# 15/Rd
    Bent Flies 15# 10/Rd
    Abs 4:38:44

    Lat Raises / Seated Press / Bent Flies 8#
    Abs -😁

    Anisa – cheered us on n counted rounds.

    1. I did the workout indoors, wearing fleece sweatpants. I almost had a heatstroke, so yeah, no abs for me.

  25. Spoto’s done.
    Sofia 10#, Max 5# and Ceil 8#.
    Didn’t time it – but we all moved.

  26. That cash out sneaks up on ya! Damn

  27. 10# of books/side
    6:13 cash out, my abs were burning

  28. 5lb plate for lateral raises and flies, 10lb dumbbell for shoulder presses
    Abs -4:46

    1. Done 🙂 5lbs raises and flies, 45lb bar presses.

  29. “Chad”
    For time:
    – 1000 step ups (20/14”, 45/35#)

    Only had a 20# vest. Next time I’ll load a backpack.



    The metal benches at Reeves Park are 19.5# high. Not good for jumping, but steps, for sure. Also, the band shell stage surface ranges from 22” to 28” for jumping. Just don’t miss. It’s faced with brick… also, following the sidewalk, it’s almost a perfect 800m around.

  30. 5# plate for all
    My watch died in the middle of my abs:(
    Happy birthday Maggie!

  31. 10# all the way through
    5:27 cash out

  32. 5 rounds of:
    Reeves Park Lap ~800 meters
    30 banded good mornings
    30 squats with 30# slam ball

  33. That was quite a burner! And the abs… whew. Did all the shoulder work with 10-12# bricks. Forgot to time ab work, but I think it was around 4:30 or so.

    Lateral raises 15, 11, 8
    Shoulder presses 26, 21, 20
    Flies 31, 26, 21

    Oh, and my neighbors now realize how crazy their neighbor is.

    1. I would have loved to see their reactions!

  34. Done!

    1. Yeah T!!

  35. Subbed mountain climbers for 2 hand dumbbell swing with 13.5#
    5# weight for all shoulder work
    4:01 cash out
    Finished the cash out as fast as I could manage because I am starving for dinner!

  36. Sigals had fun completing this WOD. I did 5#-10# for the workout. Adam did 10#-15#.

  37. I agree with Rayn, the cashout was nice!

  38. The cash out…

  39. The Castaldi boys used 10 lb plates and the cash out was a lot less for the youngster…but we finished!

  40. Cash Out
    More ab workouts please! That was great!

  41. Done (and Sara did a mod WOD). No cash out, but lots of stretching. Good stuff

  42. Workout results
    Matt 15, 20, 15
    15#(15,10); 12#(10)

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