Daily WOD – Mar 16, 2020

Megan S getting some work in at home!

At-Home WOD #3

Warm up

  • Jog 400m
  • Spiderman stretches 5R/5L
  • 5 inchworms w/ 1-2 push ups
  • 10 disclocates w/ broomstick
  • 20 behind-the-neck presses w/ broomstick

Workout of the Day

Complete 4 rounds for time of:

  • 400m run
  • 40 broomstick overhead squats

Cash out

  • Accumulate 3 minutes of a elbow plank

Cool Down

  • 2 minutes pigeon stretch L/R

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout, including the warm up, cash out, and cool down. If you don’t have an exact 400 meter (1/4 mile) course mapped out, no problem. Take your best guess, or use mapmyrun.com to map a route. Broomstick overhead squats are exactly what they sound like. Grab a broom, mop, or even a stick from your backyard, and hold it overhead while you squat. Modify to back squats if overhead is not comfortable for you.

Community Notes: If you missed our post earlier today, go read up on our FUCS Nutrition & Fitness Challenge, which starts on Wednesday!  Everyone who signs up gets a free Inbody scan ($35 value). If you complete the challenge, you get a 2nd free Inbody scan at the end, and a chance to win 1 month of free membership.

P3 Nutrition Notes: If you ordered P3 meals for this week, you can pick them up Monday morning between 5:30-9:00am, when we’ll be running members through the Inbody scan.

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This Post Has 68 Comments

  1. Thank you for including a warmup. I feel like I never warm up sufficiently when I do it on my own.

    1. I am guilty of this too!

  2. Great video. Very much appreciate your work in developing interesting at home WODS. Also, love Sage’s cameos. She’s precious.

    1. This was take 2. The first time she almost knocked the camera over and then started crying. I’m glad you enjoyed her cameos because I’m sure there will be more of them!

  3. This video is fantastic! Thanks for making our at home workouts something to look forward to! And, please include Sage and Carver as much as possible!

  4. What is a good sub for running?

    1. If you have a bike, do 3x distance in the bike. Sled drags are also a great a sub – it might be a worth buying one off Amazon. Lastly, a fast hill walk (wear a weight vest if you have one). If none of those options work, shoot me a text. We’ll brainstorm!

  5. Great workout!!! 18:56. Gave the run a shot, felt good so far😀

    1. Great job!

  6. 18:35 (row)
    Thanks for the videos! Loved the cameo from Sage.

  7. 16:02 (run was only .20 according to MMR, but it was with a jogging stroller) 🙂

  8. Took these two dor a run and tried to adjust the work out.
    2.3Miles + 3x40OHS with 2×4 beam + 3 min plank (jesus was dead at this point).

    1. I was with Jesus – dead. 😉

  9. Well done, crew! Great to see you all getting after it!

  10. 13:08 – ran on treadmill set at 8 miles/hours for 2 min each round (it takes about 15 seconds to get to 8m/hr every round 🥴). Total of 1.1 mile.
    I am already missing our great coaches and workout friends! Keep it up everyone….WE CAN DO THIS 💪!!!!

  11. Done! I forgot the timer but I wore a vest and had a mini heart attack when a shepherd almost jumped a fence while I was running!

  12. 15:33 – run was probably more than 400m. Also, added a footwear transition to get in and out of lifters. Should have followed your advice to put heels on plates. Would have cut out about :20 for each shoe change 😩

  13. Hey fit fam!!! Couple things!!

    1.) If you have a Map My Run account, we can add each other as friends on there to keep up the support while we’re working out from home.

    2.) Also, if you prefer tracking your running distance in meters, MMR allows you to change the units to meters in the settings.

    Nice job today everybody! I’m about to get my swiffer mop outside to get mine done in a little bit!

  14. Thanks for the MMR tip, Kirsten! I’ll search for you

    1. No prob!!

  15. Nicole- 13:42
    Alex- 13:30

  16. Nat and Joel – 22:21 (45# bar, partner style – 1 person runs at a time)

  17. 11:49
    320m runs
    17# wreck/digging bar for OHS

    Cool down: a cold beer

    1. The best cool down.

  18. 12:11 Rx (I like OHS much better with a broomstick!) 🙃

  19. Thank you so much for the video. Just finished. 18:18 for me. I’ll be sore tomorrow!

  20. Nik 15:30ish
    John 15:45ish
    (Little longer than 400m!)

  21. Jenn 11:34
    Lanna and Davin sister/brother mile run 9:16 🙂

  22. 15:33 with a child interruption. 😊

    Good job, everyone!!! Doing this alone was tough.

  23. 13:24!

  24. Zoe 12:50
    Sadie 18:43 25 air squats/round

  25. Skipped the warm up 37:45

  26. great video. thanks for the warm up cause I typically take 3 deep breaths and get after it…
    9:58 with vest not sure if it was 400 meters but it seems close to it.
    my wife finished in 10:47

  27. Time 23.12, 400 m speed walk with (2) 25lb DB,

  28. 13 minutes

  29. Thank you for posting the warm up, I never know what to do

  30. Brian- “Nancy”-16:33, 30 minute Hiit ride
    Jill – Rx- 18:25

  31. 15:50 RX. Thanks for the video and this is so cool that everyone is posting 🎉.

    1. Nice job Kelsey! I agree – super cool to see everyone posting. We all need each other right now!

  32. 18:31.. But I ran!

    1. Boom!

  33. Balch House getting some extra AB work in!!!

  34. 16:07 (and 1 plank )

    1. A 3 min plank? Nice work!

  35. Great job everyone!
    I love the video, especially the guest appearance.
    15:37 (row, 15# bar)

  36. 16.37 at the YMCA outdoor track….needed a flat surface 🙂 Good luck all and stay strong!!!

  37. 15:41 (Rounds 1&4 unbroken; though difficult to locate a 🧹 my size 😁)

    Plus family, who bailed after Round 1

    1. Stacey!!!!!

  38. 14:58, Back squats w
    / heavyish pipe. Yes, thanks for the warmup.

  39. 16:07

    Had to dodge 2 kids playing basketball and 1 riding a skateboard for a little extra fun…

  40. Thanks, John and Nikki. Video was great and so is having someone tell me what to do.

    Rob – 15:09 (Goblet squats (wonky shoulder + only one broomstick), 2:00 minutes of cardio each round (run/jump rope)
    Traci – 🙂

    Discovered we live almost exactly 200 meters from Tom and Karen who live right across the street from the Valentinos. But don’t worry, we were socially distant.

  41. 20:33 – Rx+ (600m runs + vest)

  42. Sigals – not for time. Completed workout.

  43. I’m on Strava! Hopefully you can see the screenshot

    1. total time was 11:37, apparently strava kinda pauses when you stop moving…doesn’t track squats :-p

      1. That’s fast!! Great work!

  44. Used 10 pound dumbbells overhead for the squats and ran it outside (estimated 400 m) – time 16:35.

    1. Great work Cate!

  45. 18:56 (airsquats, 2 miles running)

  46. Thanks John and Nikki! You may have found your calling in virtual instruction 🙂

    15:54: slightly longer than 400m run on Spring City hills and uneven brick sidewalks, plus OHS with a 20 pound 4×4 beam.

    1. You think you’re all missing ICA… but no one will be more excited than me & John when we can instruct IN PERSON again!

  47. NFT assault bike + 45# barbell

  48. 3 mile hike at Schuylkill Canal Park/Lock 60 up in the ravines.

    Me with sling. Erin with vest.

  49. 13:33 – thank you for doing this!

  50. Nice vigorous hike up Mt Misery – not for time

  51. Matt and Bri: WOD completed (18:00ish). Thanks for the video!

  52. 17:10 – to an 18” box. Did not do PT today. Big mistake!!
    Thanks again!!!!!!

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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