Daily WOD – Feb 23, 2021

Jenn P landing a power clean!

Workout of the Day

With a partner, complete 3 rounds for time of:

  • 70 wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • 60 KB swings (53/35#)
  • 50 sit ups
  • 40 burpees

Only one partner may work at a time and the work does not need to be split evenly.  Time Cap = 30 minutes.

WOD Notes:  If you communicate with your partner, you’ve got a shot at really minimizing downtime.  Think about sets of 10 to 25 on the wallballs, swings and sit ups and sets of 3 to 10 on burpees to maximize speed.

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  1. Hi folks! We understand Wellness Living is down for maintenance. Don’t let that stop you from coming in to work out! Hopefully if everyone follows their “typical” schedule we won’t overfill any classes. If WL is still down as of mid-morning check back as we may implement an alternate sign up system. Thank you!

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