Daily WOD – Apr 18, 2020

At-Home Workout #36 

Warm Up

1 time through:

  • 100 single unders
  • 10 Samson stretch (5R/5L)
  • 100 single unders
  • 20 air squats

Then complete 3 rds of:

  • 15 Russian KB/DB swings
  • 5 two-arm squat clean-to-thruster

Then test out your DU & perform 4 full DB/KB complex (2R/2L)

Workout of the Day

AMRAP in 14 minutes of an ascending ladder of:

  • 2 DB/KB complexes* (1R/1L)
  • 10 double unders
  • 4 DB/KB complexes* (2R/2L)
  • 20 double unders
  • 6 DB/KB complexes* (3R/3L)
  • 30 double unders
  • Continue adding 2 complexes (1R/1L) and 10 DUs until time expires

* Today’s complex will be a 1-arm hang squat clean-to-thruster + overhead lunge right + overhead lunge left (all with the same arm)

Cool Down

  • Pigeon Stretch (1 min/side)
  • Downward dog calf stretch (1 minute)

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of the workout.  For a breakout video of the 2-arm clean (part of the warm up) click here. Modifications for the DU include 2xSU, jumping jacks, or a scaled number of DU. If you’re not comfortable with the KB/DB in the overhead position, cut the thruster and perform the lunges with the KB/DB in a front rack. Post to comments: Last full round completed + additional reps. (The set of 30 DU ends round 3, the set of 40 DU ends round 4, etc.) 

Community Notes: Happy birthday Kelsey!

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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. 5+4
    27lb dumbbell

    Note to self – do not try to do a met con on an empty stomach. The complex was fun and I really liked this one, but I’d have liked it more and would have done much better with more energy 😀😀😀

  2. We did it as a (longer) partner workout!

    Mike 50#
    Christine 15#

  3. 7 rounds – 40# DB

    Miss you all!

    1. Nice work Iggy, way to smoke this one!

  4. 6+10 – 52.5# DB

  5. 6+9 – 45# bar, plank jacks
    60 toes to KB/side crunches

  6. 6+38

  7. This workout was not a “hoax”.That escalated quickly. Geez.

    6.1 rounds 25lb kb. Still hanging strong, times like this test everyone.

    I blame the bad reps on Obama.

    Be safe.

  8. Happy Birthday Kelsey! Burpees complete!!
    Since I took yesterday off, today was WOD #35:
    Banded pull ups for both sets, 30# RKB swings, 20# DB PP (Rt), 15#DB PP (Lf) + runs

  9. I never know how to record complexes!
    I got through 7 rounds of the dumbbell 20#+119SU
    This was fun except for my cold db!

  10. Happy birthday, Kelsey!
    6+1, 30# DB

  11. 5 + 120 (su and 20lb db). That was a good workout today!

    1. Love the work put in and love the mustache even more Marco, keep it up!

  12. 6+1 (20# DB, did thrusters but held the dumbbell at my shoulder for the lunges)

  13. 7 rounds, 25# KB

  14. 2 mile warm up
    Chris: 6+7 @ 22lb
    Jenn: 6 + 8 @ 22lb
    Subbed out jump rope for jumping jacks

  15. Missed the tabada wod, so did that today with a twist.
    Deads 85#
    Shoulder press 35#
    Bfly sit ups
    HPCs 65#
    Tri exts 15#
    Rus twists 15#

    1. TINA! That is a lotta tabata!

      1. Who doesn’t love a tabada???? You can do anything for 20 seconds.

  16. 6+9, 35#, but not overhead

    1. And I meant to clarify 2x SU

  17. 8 rounds (26# KB / 2XSU)
    time: 20:05
    cash out: 1mile ruck (44#)

  18. Took a rest day yesterday so I did Friday’s workout today. 24:16 35DB.

  19. 5 + 12, 35# KB
    PR with 18 straight DU’s!

  20. I have no idea how many rounds🤪. I started to do way too many complexes on each side. Too much thought John!
    Marissa and I worked out together.
    5 + 30 is my best guess.
    20lb db. Jumping jacks.

    1. I love that you guys worked out together!

      Never enough thought Christine.

  21. Approx 6 rounds. I was 95ish singles short. Someone else can do that math.
    With Christine!

    PS. I don’t think I posted Fridays workout. Logging into HH distracted me.
    25#kb swing
    20#DB press
    Banded pull ups

    1. I forgot to write I did 2x single under, but I never do DU so this should be assumed.

  22. 6rds + 14
    Jumping jacks
    25# db

  23. Marsha-15# DB, step up instead of jump rope-5 rounds even
    Jeff-35# DB- 2x SU, thrusters but lunged w bell on shoulder-6 + 51-DC depth
    Yes, that did escalate rather quickly…

  24. 5 + 8 (60# DB)
    Quarantine has my color coordination a little off

    1. I don’t know man, looks pretty sharp to me!

  25. 4+8 (35# DB, 2x SU)

  26. 2 workouts today

    And here’s my cheeseburger!!!!!

  27. Results:
    Mado 6+12 (25/20#)
    Kelsey 6+9 (35KB)
    Swetha 5+2 (2xsu, 30#)
    Kyle E. 6+14 ((JJ, 25DB, rack lunges)
    Jenn 8+44 (35#)
    Ricky 6 (50#)
    Megan S. 5+8 (10#)
    Nik 7+3 (35KB)

  28. snuck this one in while the twins napped 🙂
    5+95 (40#, 2xsu)

  29. 6+3
    Legs felt good today because I chose the bench yesterday over 1000 step ups….which is nuts!

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