Daily WOD – Apr 4, 2016

Betsy knocking out some floor presses!
Betsy knocking out some floor presses!

Split Jerk 2-2-2-2-2


5×5 power snatch (60%, touch and go)

WOD Notes:  A 2 rep max split jerk poses a challenge in that it can be very challenging to lower a heavy split jerk back to the front rack position (your shoulders).  If it causes you undue stress to do so, switch to a 1 rep max and drop from the top or get to the heaviest weight that allows you to lower it reasonably and complete all the sets at that weight.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Pete!


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  1. Happy birthday, Pete!!

  2. Have a great day Pete

  3. Happy Birthday Pete!!

  4. Happy Birthday Pete!

  5. Happy birthday Pete!!!

  6. HBD Pete!!!

  7. Thanks everyone! I feel obligated to warn anyone considering the 6pm class that the number of birthday burpees will likely be way more than you had in mind.

    1. Pete I will happily burpee in honor of your birthday. See you at 6! Have a great day. 🙂

      1. Thanks Jen! But it is a pretty big number. 😉

  8. Happy Birthday Pete!

  9. Happy Birthday Pete!

  10. Happy Birthday Pete!!

  11. Happy Birthday Pete

  12. Results:

    Eric P 215 PR!!!
    Pugh 195×2, 215×1
    Mel 105
    Jen T 95
    Andrew 170
    Pete 130 PR!!!!

    Dave 245×1
    James 225
    Ashley 65 (Push Press)
    Alexa 100
    Brittany 65
    Eric 145
    Patrick 205 PR!!!
    Richard 135


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