Open WOD – Oct 11, 2019


10 rounds for time of:

  • 8 ground to overhead (95/65#)
  • 10 bar-facing burpees

Time Cap: 15 minutes

WOD Notes: The Open is here!!!! This is the first WOD of the 2020 CrossFit Games season! If you missed what the Open is all about, check out this post. You can still register until Monday if you want to join in the fun. If you are already registered, be sure to check out the official workout description and standards HERE. A few big ones to highlight: (1) The “ground to overhead” can be accomplished by a snatch or a clean & jerk. (2) For RX athletes, the jump in the burpee needs to be a 2-foot take off and 2-foot landing. (3) If you touch the bar on the jump, you need to repeat the burpee AND the jump.

Schedule Notes: Tomorrow we have regular classes at 5:15am, 6:15am, 9:30am, and 4:00pm. Starting at 5:00pm we’ll transition to “Friday Nights Lights,” during which we’ll run heats about every 20 minutes. During FNL there is no coach-led warm up or instruction; however, we’ll have plenty of coaches and experienced athletes around to help out and answer questions.

Note for Newbies: We encourage everyone, even (especially) our newest athletes, to participate in the Open workouts. Just like our daily WODs, we’ll modify the movements to suit you. If possible, try to attend one of the coached class times. However, if your only availability is 5-7pm, come on in to Friday Night Lights, and we’ll set you up! Even if you don’t plan to do the workout, we encourage you to come in to watch and cheer for the headliner heat and be a part of the Open experience!

Remember, you do not need to be registered for the Open in order to come do the workout! 

Headliner Heat: The headliner heat will kick off around 6:00pm.  Come on out to cheer for our under-35 age group athletes: Liz, Kelly G, Heather, Ricky, D.E., Iggy, Dan R, Kyle K, Sean B, and Alex W!

Nutrition Notes: Day 33/40. We have ONE WEEK left to our challenge! Congratulations to everyone who’s still going strong! On Day 18 we talked about the fact that high glycemic (sugary) carbs aren’t always bad, especially when timed just before a high intensity workout. If you’re wondering the best way to eat to maximize your performance in tomorrow’s workout, we’d recommend no large meals for at least 3-4 hours before the WOD.  You would be fine with a small (200-300 calorie) snack about 2 hours out. Then, right before the workout begins, take in a beverage or quick digesting solid (gummy bears or fruit snacks are a favorite) with 20-30 grams of sugar. The sugar boost will give you energy for the workout and prevent the “crash” that many people experience during a high intensity WOD.

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Headliner heat looks stacked for 20.1!

  2. I’d like go on record by saying how excited I am to see SO MANY NEW names on the Open roster this year! And with 23 registered so far? Phenomenal!

    The Open is a really special thing where magic can, and often does happen. I’m proud of you all, my team members, for putting yourselves out there.

    Let’s rock.

  3. This is going to be a great headliner heat to watch! Good luck today everyone. Give it all you’ve got, but be smart.

  4. Results:
    Jenn 173 Rx
    KtS 🙂
    Danielle 111 Rx
    Diana 144 (50)
    Steve M. 151 Rx
    Jason V. 162 Rx
    Murray 134 Rx
    Nick L. 162 (75#)
    Ceil 130 hang clean and jerks
    Tyler 148 (65)
    Zach 🙂
    Faith :0
    Jim C. 111 (65)
    Keith 136 (65)
    Franco 98 Rx
    Bill 119 (65#)
    Ed 93 Rx
    Kehl 163 Rx
    Nicole 117 Rx
    Sean G. 134 (off 4″, for jumps too!)
    KtL 132 Rx
    Sabrina 118 Rx
    Vollmer 116 Rx
    Vince 120 Rx
    Craig 128 Rx
    John C. 134 Rx
    Lombardi 150 (55)
    KtM 102 (55)
    Rocco 140 (65)
    Karen B> 144 (45, burpees, 8 rounds)
    Faith 14:46 (5 cal bike, power cleans)
    Smith 112 Rx
    Jen C. 🙂 Rx
    Joel 10 Rx
    Heidi 162 (DB HC+J, 10 cal row)
    Sigal 125 (75)
    Beckiy 10:36 (DL/row)
    Marissa W> 140 (40, row, PCJ)
    Janet 135 Rx
    Megan V> 13:30 (45HPCJ, step)
    Ian C> 177 (slam ball, cal row)
    Marco 89 (75)
    Paul 126 (75)
    Allison 111 Rx
    Megan S. 147 (45 step)
    Betsy 173 Rx
    Fredi 90 (75)
    Chris M. 130 (75)
    Abby 134 (35, row)

  5. Results:
    Andrea 157 Rx
    Catherine 133 (45)
    Shawn C. 130 (75)
    Nik 14:50 Rx
    Kirsten 126 (55#, 15, sb)
    Chris S. 109 (55)
    Cindy 138 (45#)
    Jesse Sy 105 Rx
    Moira 121 (8FS, 10 cal row
    Jeff 156 (65)
    Bre 96 (65)
    John 14:50 Rx
    Ryan A. 5+15 hang
    Joe S. 5+1
    Tiana 8+1
    Lana 11 (box jump, 5#DB)
    Frank W. 143 Rx
    Tim 149 (65#)
    NIkki K. :0
    Robbie 162 Rx
    Erin 153 Rx
    Boelkler 15:00 Rx
    Kyle E. 97 Rx
    Dan E> 14:53 Rx
    Iggy 140 Rx
    Ricky 14:10 Rx
    Heather 167 Rx
    Kelly G. 178 (55#)
    Sean B. 120 Rx
    Alex W. 98 Rx
    Kyle K. 136 Rx
    Dan R. 119 Rx
    DE 165 Rx
    Tanya 153 Rx
    Tiago 132 Rx
    Steve K. 131 Rx
    Erik 121 Rx

  6. I’m in, uploaded score to this post, not sure if it worked. 107 reps at #85

  7. Oct. 14 Re-test

    134 Rx

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