Football WOD – Nov 23, 2014

Complete 4 rounds:

  • 135 lbs Power Snatch – max reps in 60 seconds
  • Row – max distance in 60 seconds

Rest 60 seconds between rounds

WOD Notes: This was CrossFit Football WOD 141118.

Schedule Notes: Football WOD is at 10:00am. MindBody shows a full house, so the 30 burpee penalty is in effect for anyone who signs up and doesn’t show up! Please remove your name by 8:00am if you can’t come, so others can claim your spot.

Friends & Family WOD: Our first ever Friends & Family WOD kicks off at 9:00am! Please show up around 8:45. This class is full, so only show up if you pre-registered with John or Nikki. The WOD is a surprise, but please dress in layers…  there may be 200m runs involved.

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. What is the women’s weight?

    1. 135#…

  2. You don’t want to do 135?

  3. Results:
    Zoo 30/23/23/28
    Boelker 35/30/28/29
    Erin 21/22/23/21
    Jess 22/22/21/19
    Todd 🙂
    Quinn 26/27/22/23
    Jenn 19/18/18/17
    Kelly D. 20/19/18/16
    Sarah W. 26/25/21/19
    Sarge 22/22/22/23
    Jeannette 23/22/24/23
    Nik 19/18/18/18

    Family Day
    Kelly and Lainey -15:46
    Kyle and Vanessa 14:23
    Moira and Alicia 18:35
    Fili and Laura 18:20
    Bryan and Jess 18:19
    Jen and Michelle 17:58
    Kathy and Iz 17:05
    Joe and Payton 14:26

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