Daily WOD – Sept 9, 2011


“Three Little Girls”

(1) Little Angie – 25 pull-ups, 25 push-ups, 25 sit ups, 25 squats

(2) Little Karen – 75 wall balls (20/14# to 10/9′)

(3) Little Izzie – 30 power snatch (95/65#)

WOD Notes: These workouts are based off the benchmark WODs Angie, Karen, and Isabel. We will have an 8 minute time cap on each WOD and a 5 minute break between WODs.

Community Notes: It’s WOD ‘n Wings night! WOD at 5pm and wings at 6:30pm at Bistro on Bridge. Also remember Saturday’s class is at 8:30am! Thanks!

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  1. Damn! This looks fun! Stupid work in Blue Bell:( I really like your programming. Wish I was moving to Phoenixville instead of Norristown…whomp, whomp:(
    Good luck to you and John on Saturday!!

  2. Set 1 – Sounds like my wheelhouse
    Set 2 – Doesn’t sound fun, but doable
    Set 3 – Sounds awful

    See you at 5!

  3. Good Luck Joe, it was a good one.. Set 3 went quicker than I thought.. You just have to play the game, no room to be a strongman on that one today.

  4. Tom, thanks for the receiver! We hooked it up this afternoon and it works great!!

  5. Check out the 3 little girls doing sit-ups!haha 🙂

  6. Results from today!
    (1) Little Angie
    Matt 5:36 (G)
    Killa 5:13 (banded deadhang)
    Nicole S 7:20 (knee pushups)
    Kristin 5:36 Rx
    Tom 5:23 Rx
    Joe 2:39 Rx
    Kevin 2:13 Rx
    Sarge 4:08 (G)
    Eric 2:39 Rx
    Karen D 3:57 (Px2)

    (2) Little Karen
    Matt 3:45 (12#, 9′, 55 reps)
    Killa 6:16 (20#, 9′) Rx+
    Kristin 5:20 Rx
    Tom 5:03 Rx
    Joe 5:42 Rx
    Kevin 4:55 Rx
    Sarge 5:00 12#
    Eric 4:05 Rx
    Karen D 4:20 10#

    (3) Little Izzie
    Matt 4:48 (45#)
    Killa 3:16 Rx
    Tom 4:30 Rx
    Kristin 4:05 Rx
    Joe 3:01 (75#)
    Kevin 2:37 Rx
    Sarge 3:50 (55#)
    Eric 3:31 Rx
    Karen D 1:46 (35#)

    We’re so proud of everyone for bringing their intensity today! Especially the 5:00 class – way to give it your all! Highlights included Killa rocking the 20# ball to 9′, Kevin finishing Little Angie in just over 2 minutes, Karen L (Sarge) using the 12# ball to 9′ for the first time, Eric dominating Little Karen, and Karen D absolutely crushing Little Izzie. Great work by all!

  7. LOL – just saw your comment killa. Good one!

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