Daily WOD – Sept 3, 2011 **31 HEROES**

Eric leading the way with John close on his heels
Kevin 155lb thrusters!
George and Mike - dueling rope climbs
Mike - showing us how a SEAL gets it done
Justin rocking out pull-ups
Jim working hard to honor the 31 heroes
Sara, expert rope climber, with her fans watching on

Version 1 (Rx)

  • Partner 1: 8 thrusters (155/105#), 6 rope climbs, 11 box jumps (30/24″)
  • Partner 2: 400 m sandbag run (45/25#)

Version 2

  • Partner 1: 10 thrusters (95/65#), 10 alternating pullup/knees to elbows (1 pullup, 1 K2E, repeat), 10 box jumps (24/20″), 1 rope climb
  • Partner 2: 400 m plate run (25/15)

Version 3

  • Partner 1: 10 thrusters (95/65#), 10 pullups, 20 situps, 11 box jumps (24/20″)
  • Partner 2: 400 m plate run (25/15#)

WOD Notes: This WOD is run as an AMRAP in 31 minutes. Partner 1 works while Partner 2 runs. When Partner 2 returns, he/she picks up where Partner 1 left off. Score is the total number of rounds + reps.

We are offering three versions to acccomodate athletes and guests of all levels! The first version is the Rx WOD, posted at 31Heroes.com. It is for the experienced CrossFitter who is efficient at rope climbs.  The second version is ideal for someone who can perform rope climbs but may struggle with 6 at a time. The final version can be performed by anyone! It does not have any rope climbs and the weights can be scaled as needed.

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  1. Remember to visit 31Heroes.com to make a donation to the Navy Seals Foundation. It is not required but would be highly appreciated, whether or not you do today’s WOD!

  2. Kev, I should have taken a day off….I am probably out for today. Everyone have a great workout.

  3. Thanks to everyone who showed up today for the 31 Heroes WOD. You all worked hard to show your appreciation and respect for the SEALs we lost on Aug 6, 2011. A special thanks to the Boehret clan for filling our gym with some incredible athletes, and making a generous donation to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

    Results from today:
    Justin-Jim-Eric 7 rounds + 57 reps (Version 2)
    Mike-John 6 rounds Rx
    Kevin-George 4 rounds Rx
    Sara-Nikki 4 rounds + 10 reps Rx

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