Daily WOD – Sep 21, 2022

John working his squats!

Workout of the Day

Complete for time:

  • 3-minute handstand hold
  • 600m run
  • 50m handstand walk
  • 600m run
  • 30 handstand push ups

WOD Notes: Today’s WOD is modified from the CrossFit mainpage on 9/11/22. We’ll be spending a lot of time upside down but don’t worry – there are modification options for anyone who prefers to stay right-side up! For example, the sub for handstand hold could be a wall climb hold or holding a pair of DB/KB overhead. The sub for the handstand walk is 2x distance walking lunges holding a DB/KB overhead. The sub for HSPU = DB push press or A-frame push ups. Come on in and work on your shoulder strength and stability!


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