Daily WOD – Oct 13, 2021

Lindsay C ripping through pull ups!

Workout of the Day

2021 Nutrition Challenge Performance Test!

  1. Complete max consecutive strict pull ups.
  2. Complete 15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of: deadlifts (225/153#) and burpees over barbell.  Time cap = 8 minutes.
  3. Row 500/400m for time.

WOD Notes:  Choose a pull up modification that will let you get 8 or more pull ups in a row.  That can mean banded pull ups, bar rows, or anything else!  Choose a deadlift weight that will let you complete each round in 3 sets or fewer.  Row fast! There will be built in rest between the 3 components of the workout.

Nutrition Notes:  The game is on!  Two days ago, we recommended that you take note of cravings and challenges you might face during this challenge.  Now what do you do about it?  Take 5 minutes tonight to think through the following day and come up with a plan for how to handle those tougher situations.  Perhaps you plan a snack at an opportune time.  Maybe you brush your teeth early in the evening as a cue to not continue snacking into the night.  Whatever your challenge, you’ve got the ability to overcome it as long as you have a plan in place!

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