Daily WOD – May 26, 2020

Thanks to all the ICA members who completed Murph and sent in pics of support! What an AMAZING turnout!!!

At-Home Workout #74

Warm Up

400m run

2 rounds of 30 seconds of work:

  • Two-arm KB/DB Russian swings
  • Plank knees to elbows
  • Two-arm KB/DB power cleans
  • High knees in place
  • Two-arm KB/DB snatch swings

Workout of the Day

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 5 KB/DB complexes – Right Arm
  • 20 mountain climbers (10R/10L)
  • 5 KB/DB complexes – Left Arm
  • 20 bicycles (10R/10L)

1 Complex = 1 arm swing, hang muscle clean, hang muscle snatch

Cash Out

  • Accumulate 1 minute of Crow pose (sub: tripod headstand)

Cool Down

  • Seated quad stretch (1 min/side)
  • Hurdler hamstring stretch (1 min/side)

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout.  If you’re not comfortable with the KB hang snatch, you can perform a push press in its place. The sub for mountain climbers is 30 seconds of sprint cardio of your choice. Post to comments: time, weight & implement, modifications. 

Movie Night: Mark your calendars for Friday June 12! We’re planning an outdoor movie night and all are invited! Members can bring chairs or picnic blankets and set up in the parking lot with 6′ distance between families. Show up around 8:00pm and the movie will start around 8:30/8:45pm. What movie, you ask? You get to decide! Send us your suggestions and we’ll vote on a movie as it gets closer. (Something PG, please!)

Covid Note: In case you missed Governor Wolf’s announcement last Friday, Chester County is going Yellow on Friday June 5! Starting that same day, our current schedule of Virtual WODs will transition to Outdoor WODs. We’ll set up the laptop in the parking lot and stream the classes on Zoom for those who prefer to tie in virtually. Even more exciting – our Commissioners expect Chester County will transition to Green by the end of June, at which time can open up our gym again! Hang tight, ICA… there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

Community Notes: Happy birthday Erik P!

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This Post Has 14 Comments

  1. One of my faves: Back to the Future.
    It is a multi generational film that’s good for kids, too!

  2. Results:
    6:00 AM Virtual WOD
    Murray 8:27 (50#DB)
    Chris Mc 9:19 (35# KB)
    Diana 9:05 (push press, 26#KB)

  3. COVID note – awesome. I really, really miss coming into ICA and gettin the f after it.

    Ryan B. 10:01 (20 KB)
    Alex W. 11:26 (44 KB)
    Nicole W. 15:38 (45 BB, HMC, HMS, snatch-grip PP)

  5. Movie night suggestions:

    Oldies but goodies (and both PG)
    *What about Bob
    *One Crazy Summer

  6. Mashed Up Fridays Workout
    500 m row
    42 strict presses
    21 burpee
    42 situps
    30 strict presses
    15 burpees
    30 situps
    500m row

    35# bar 18ish minutes

  7. 9:43 -20lb dumbbell
    I really wussed out on weight but these dumbbells 😑😑😑
    I also did lift shoulders immediately before, and it’s post-Murph 😂
    Couldn’t do the cash out. My knees are too pointy 😬😬

  8. 9:54 – 15# DB

    1. Nice work Mandy, you’ve been killing these workouts!

  9. Not for time today, just wanted to get through it
    50lbs wreck bag complex:
    1 deadlift, 1 clean, 1 clean + push press
    5 complexes
    30s single unders
    5 complexes
    20 bicycles
    Did all 5 rounds
    800m (total) wreck bag walk too

    Iggy 12:42 (50 DB)
    Hannah 😊(18 KB)
    JT 12:22 (35 DB)
    Paul 14:02 (24 DB)
    Lanna 16:22 (15 DB)
    Jon Z. 14:03 (44KB)

  11. 11:15 with 40# db

  12. 10:12 35 dB Tripod cash out

  13. 8:52 with 50LBS

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