Daily WOD – Mar 2, 2021

Welcome Lindsay J!

Workout of the Day

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

  • 20/15 cal row
  • 20 burpees

WOD Notes:  Ideally the rows today should take around 1 minute and the burpees should be between 1 and 2 minutes long.  The first round cannot possibly be done in under 90 seconds…

SugarWOD Notes:  The Phoenixville Whitehorse Ruby team that trains at ICA on Thursday nights in their off season will be completing our at-home workouts for March and April.  If you see some names in the results that you don’t know, show them some ICA hospitality!


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  1. I feel like Jon wrote the first part of the blog tonight. Can’t put my finger onto why I feel that way though.

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