Daily WOD – Mar 1, 2020

Left: Maren Kaniewski. Right: Rick with his kids Ricky, Maren (center), and Deirdre at the original ICA box, July 2013


Complete 7 rounds for time of:

  • 3 handstand push ups (6″ deficit)
  • 1 run (250m)
  • 20 double unders
  • 11 high box jumps (30/24″)

WOD Notes: We hope you can join us today for a very special WOD. Maren Kaniewski was the daughter of our member Rick. Maren was a young, energetic, competitive, daring girl. In August of 2017 Maren and her family were struck with a cancer diagnosis. At the young age of 6 she was diagnosed with Pediatric AML Leukemia. Maren bravely endured over 150 nights in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia spanning over 7 months. Maren and her family fought hard in hopes of a cure for her cancer. That cure would not happen and Maren passed away on April 21, 2018, just days less than 8 months from her diagnosis.

Today’s WOD – Maren – is to celebrate her birthday and life. The WOD was designed by members who knew and met Maren. Maren loved to flip around upside down, she could run faster than most, jump rope and had mastered the box jump at an early age. Today’s WOD of HSPU’s, a run, DU’s and Box Jumps reflects Maren’s many talents. The 7 rounds signifies her years on earth with us. The reps signify her birthday – March 1, 2011. We hope you enjoy this WOD and celebrate in the memory of a little girl who would have loved to be here with you.

Remember as you go and it starts to get tough and hurt, it’s supposed to. The pain and exhaustion you feel today is only a small part of what Maren and too many children battling cancer endure every day. To learn more about Maren you can view Rick and Bridget’s foundation, Maren’s Fierce Fighters, or Rick’s blog,Β  Three Red Kites.Β  There is also a blood drive in Maren’s honor this Friday, March 6, in Phoenixville. If you are able to donate, sign up here.

WOD Notes 2: Each round should take about 4 minutes (less when you’re fresh, more when you’re tired). There will be a 35 minute time cap. If you can consistently run 400m in less than 2 minutes, consider scaling up the run to 400m.

Community Notes: Happy birthday Mullaney, Tom G, and Chaz!

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  1. It was my honor and pleasure to be on hand to help guide this special day. I hope you felt a little of both play and pain during.

    WW = Wall Walks

    Rick 30:57 (Scale)
    Murray 35:11 (2×400, HSPU)
    Traci 29:25 (Row, SU, 8″, WW)
    Pugh 30:01 (Strict HSPU, some deficit)
    KTN 25:57 (400, abmat)
    Natalie M. 23:03 (WW, SU)
    Yuvika 31:07 (WW, SU)
    Vollmer 32:55 Rx+ (50UB DUs/rnd)
    Jess 24:50 (HSPU)
    Amanda 27:04 (WW, SU)
    Kelly G. 26:35 (HSPU, 400m, 50SU, 20 Box Jumps)
    Jim C. 32:53 (Plank, Wreck Step Ups, DU/SU)
    Mel 31:33 (WW)
    Kehl 30ish (Love)
    Karen πŸ˜‰
    Smith 29:40 (HSPU to 45#)
    Jen C. 33:00 (400m)
    Swetha 31:25 (WW, 20″ box jumps – 1st time!)
    Kris 35:00 (6 rnds, WW, SU)
    Warnek 33:18 Rx
    Nikki K. 29:19 (Scaled)
    Steve N. 27:41 (Scaled)
    Deirdre K. 28:10 (Scaled)

    Sigal 34:22 (HSPU, 400m, 24″)
    Chris 27:04 (HS Hold, 2XSU, steps)
    KTS 25:10 (HSPU to abmat, 400m)
    Brianna πŸ˜‰
    Danielle 25:13 (HSPU to 25/abmat, 20″)
    Marissa 25:22 (Plate hold, Row, 2XSU)
    Rocco πŸ˜‰
    Tracy 25:27 (WW, 16″/20″)
    Faith 25:56 (HSPU to 45#, steps)
    Megan 26:13 (Pike HSPU)
    Ricky 25:38 Rx+ (400)

    Dan T. 31:50 (400)
    Marco 27:05 (24”)
    Abby 30:50 (WW, SU)
    PTS πŸ˜‰
    Michelle 27:58 (WW, 400m, 16”)
    Christine 29:31 (Row, bike, 16” steps w/ 16#)
    Joe S. Love
    Sean B. 34:02 (DC Errting)
    Zabs 32:46 (HSPU to 35#, 400m)
    Kelsey 26:03 (HSPU to 25#, 4x400m, 3x250m)
    Mado 25:34 (HSPU to 45#, 400m, 20”)
    Ryan M. 27:34 (WW, 16”)
    Byron 34:34 (WW, 400m, 30”)
    Jon 28:45 Rx+ (400m)
    Zhu πŸ˜‰
    Joe McG πŸ˜‰
    Jenn 34:50 Rx+ (400, 30”)
    Paul 29:33 (12PU, 400m, 2XSU)
    Cole 27:11
    Chase 27:11
    Nik 30:28 Rx+ (Strict, 400m, 30”)

  2. 19:36 (250m, HSPU 5”) DU unbroken πŸ˜±πŸ€—

    I really enjoyed this WOD! Fun one!

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