Daily WOD – Jun 6, 2019

Welcome Joey McG!

Complete for time:

  • 2000m row
  • 10 rope climbs
  • 2000m run

WOD Notes:  The scale for the rope climbs today will be 50 hanging knee raises.  You should be out the door for the run by the 15 minute mark.  You can scale the row or rope climbs as needed.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Franco!

Kettlebell Kitchen Note: Remember to get your orders in for Kettlebell Kitchen by tonight @ MIDNIGHT to have your meals delivered to the gym this Sunday! KBK delivers to ICA twice a week, and all meals are free of gluten, dairy, soy, processed sugars and inflammatory oils. Order as little as 1 meal at a time. Go to www.kettlebellkitchen.comcheck out their menu, and choose ICA as your delivery location.  Anyone ordering KBK for the first time can use the code “ironcross” to get $25 off your first two orders!
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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. 6:15
    Betsy 25:45 Rx
    Jenn 28:28 Rx
    Ricky 21:07 Rx
    Keith 24:56 Rx
    Ian Cu. 27:20 (3x Rope Climbs + Hanging Knee Raises)
    Warnek 24:42 Rx
    Craig 21:38 (Knee Raises)
    DE 21:23 Rx
    Iggy 23:30 Rx

  2. Kirsten 27:20 (50 knee raise / deadbug, 6k bike)
    Becca 27:40 (50 deadbug)
    Rey 🙂
    Kelly K 29:21 Rx
    Nikki K 29:21 Rx
    Chris M 26:26 (50 knee raises)
    Rocco 23:55 Rx
    Erin 24:14 (50 GHDs)
    Boelker 25:40 (20# vest)
    Kyle E 23:50 (20 rope pulls)

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