Daily WOD – Apr 4, 2012

Today's face off: Craig vs John

3 rounds of:

  • 30 abmat sit ups
  • 60 air squats
  • 90 double unders 

WOD Notes:  Yes we will scale the DU for those who need to! Please remember to sign up for 6:15am if you are coming.

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  1. In for 615 : )

    1. Just kidding! I will actually be in at 4:30 tomorrow due to an early work meeting. Make me proud breakfast club!!! ; )

  2. in at 6:30!
    going to bed now to kick this cold!

    1. Hmmm hopefully you mean 6:15 (am) or 5:30 (pm) … There’s no 6:30 pm tomorrow!

    2. yeahhh scratch my 6:30 comment 🙂

  3. Anybody planning on ninja warrior project at cfwc? Carpool??

    1. i’m interested!!

      also, i’m super interested in the dog days at CFDV (surprise! i like pups!). anyone?

  4. I like the look of this now more than I will tomorrow. But I am down for this, looks good.

  5. In for 6:15am. I will most likely do the ninja warrior benefit in WC.

  6. And that was me, sorry … Sara had hijacked my Mac earlier.

  7. Kevin just wishes he could be me, that’s why he commented under my name…..as a result I will have to embarrass him in tomorrow’s WOD. That is all.

    1. *like*

    2. Face off round 2 tomorrow. I’m up 1. Tiebreaker is an ice cream eating contest.

    3. so… when is that ice cream eating contest?

  8. Kevin loves to set himself up to lose…he’s lactose intolerant, I’d win that also haha!

  9. 6:15am results:

    Mike S. 15:38 (30 DUA)
    Matt: 14:59 (2x SU)
    Joe: 14:24 Rx
    Cari: 14:13 Rx

    Breakfast club agreed that this one looked much easier on “paper” than it actually was!

  10. 4:30pm
    Scott 18:34 (90SU)
    Gunter 11:11 (180 SU)
    Craig 13:09 Rx
    John W 11:59 Rx
    Emily 17:26 (180 SU)
    Lindsey 19:19 (45 DU)
    Tanner 15:00 Rx
    Jimbo 13:07 Rx
    Tiana 17:44 (45DU)

  11. Laurie 16:35 (60 du)
    Nick 17:40 (45 du)
    Kev 14:45 Rx
    Killa 13:12 Rx
    Karen 13:17 (20, 40, 60)
    John 26:45 (25 du)

  12. 15:30 (45 du) finally able to string 6 – 7 together. next time RX!

    1. Great job Phil!

  13. Joe and I decided double unders don’t work in the morning.!

    1. Anyone who’s seen me attempt DU’s in the morning can appreciate what Cari and I went through. I think I managed to string 5 once or twice. My forearms have the lashes to prove it. Awful. I have no idea why I can’t do them in the morning.

      On another note, I’m thinking AMRAP or maybe running. Who’s with me?

    2. Joe I’ve witnessed the DU trauma at 6:15am. It’s rough. But it’s all part of the constantly varied fun that is CrossFit. Tomorrow I’m hoping to do the 1600/800/400/200 but rowing.

  14. who’s coming at 6 with an idea of what they want to do?

  15. Haha ice cream eating contest TBA, Nikki!! 🙂

    1. I like Killa’s idea! I will be in for the ice cream eating WOD : )

  16. O’Neill’s Garage was in on this too….sorry so late in posting.

    our hero ,Brian, Rx 15:50
    ouchy and blind, Spotts, 22: 20 ( double unders 90,50,50)
    why does Brian keep yelling at me, Barb , 20:20 (du 50 each.)
    olympic bound, Emma, 15:33 (180 su)

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