Daily WOD – Apr 24, 2015

“Inverse Kalsu”

Complete 100 burpees for time, with 5 thrusters (135/95#) at the start of each minute.  

WOD Notes: Kalsu is a hero WOD that consists of 100 thrusters, with 5 burpees at the start of each minute. “Inverse Kalsu” should be equally “enjoyable!” Thrusters should not exceed 65% of your 1RM. You may opt to do fewer thrusters (i.e. 3/minute), a lighter weight, or fewer burpees (i.e. 50 total),  as needed.

Community WOD Notes: We still have space left for the community WOD this Sunday at 11am. Invite your friends, family members, and neighbors to join us! The WOD will be beginner friendly and a good intro to what a daily workout looks like at ICA. Email us at ironcrossathletics@gmail.com to register. Experienced members are invited to participate too!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Jess V!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jess!

  2. Happy Birthday Jess!

  3. Aaaaaaand there it is. The workout that caused a fight in the Warnek household.

    1. What a great birthday present Jess!! Hope you have a great day

  4. Happy Birthday Jess!! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Jess! A few burpees some thrusters what more could a girl ask for!

  6. Hi guys, we have a favor to ask!! Some of you may have already heard, but if not, there is a second CrossFit gym opening up in Phoenixville this summer. They’ll be a mile away, on Bridge St, just past Pickering Creek Inn.

    We need your help to show the world that ICA is the best CF box around!!! If you love ICA, please consider taking a few minutes to write a google and/or yelp review. We would really appreciate it.

    We’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little nervous… but honestly with such an awesome community we know we’ll weather this storm – together – just fine!!

    Nikki & John

    1. WTF! I thought part of the deal was that they would not cannibalize their own community! This is messed up. Crossfit as an organization is failing if this is acceptable.

    2. Tav there are no restrictions on opening up new CF gyms. The HQ organization believes in the process of natural selection. Good gyms will survive, and drive not-as-good gyms out of business. We’re not too nervous because we know we are a great gym!

    3. Each one of you is an ambassador for our community and can help us grow and thrive even when faced with very local competition.

    4. That is a lazy excuse for Crossfit to not have to do market research to be honest. If they are profiting from your business, it is their duty to protect it if they want it to last. I am seriously pissed off right now.

    5. OK so let me buy some Iron Cross sweatshirts or sweat pants etc. I can spread the word at the YMCA!

  7. Happy birthday, Jess!!

  8. Happy Birthday Jess

  9. Happy Happy B-day Jess!

  10. Happy birthday, Jess!!!!

  11. Happy birthday Jess!!

  12. AND THIS is the problem with being a 2x per week member. You tell yourself, “I’m for sure going on Friday” and this is what you get! Ouch!! 🙂

    1. Lol. Poor Mar. Pick the right scales so you can keep moving!!

  13. Happy Birthday Jess!! 🙂

  14. Thank you for all the nice birthday wishes! You’ll all be happy(relieved) to know that I won’t be adding an extra 47 burpees to anyone’s workout!

    1. Happy Birthday Jess…and thanks for taking today off! 😉

  15. Happy Birthday Jess!

  16. As you probably are aware I wrote Yelp and Google reviews after the first month of being here. You and John make the difference. We have competing restaurants popping up all the time, the chef and service mean everything. Other restaurants will open, but new people quickly discover thru word of mouth where to go. Or you can have Rick wear his “snatch” shorts everyday at the competing gym. Don’t let it cause agita, it’s a much tougher business model for them with you here.

    1. Thanks Joe 🙂 I believe that too, but it sure helps to hear it from others, esp those with business experience. As always we’re open to thoughts and suggestions from all our members!

    2. Let’s be honest Joe, I start wearing my “Snatch” shorts and that milkshake would be bringing all the boys to the yard. Your plan may backfire.

  17. Happy Birthday Jess!

  18. Happy Birthday Jess!

  19. Happy birthday Jess!

    I agree with everything Joe said above (and Tav too!!). I drive from KOP and, with traffic and the bridge being out, it sometimes takes me 40 minutes to get to ICA. But it is worth the drive!! Nikki and John, you are the model owners for what a Crossfit gym should look like, and if I were stupid enough to open a new box anywhere within a 45-minute drive from you, I’d be the scared one!!

    I’ll spread the word as soon as someone tells me what a “Yelp Review” is how to post one. (Where is a tech savy 5 year old when you need one?!)

  20. Happy Birthday Jess!

    1. Thanks for the confirmation, Dan! 😉

    2. UM, this goes into the Top # of what Coach John refers to as “Soul Crushing”….good luck to all the folks who dare to step into the gym this afternoon.

  21. Happy birthday Jess. Hope it’s a good one. Good idea to treat yourself to an off day.

    Per the new gym Bridget brought up a great point. Where are they going to park? I’m sure if you guys stick to your core values and mission you should be just fine. I’ll happily write a review for you guys.

  22. HBD Jess!!!!!!!

  23. Happy Birthday Jess!! Hope you have a fabulous day!
    As for this “other place”, don’t sweat it! You guys are amazing! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying… you’re gonna need a restraining order to get rid of me ;);)

  24. Happy Birthday Jess!

    Re: The new CF. I concur with all of the previous statements. Having lived in the city where multiple CF gyms popped up within blocks of existing boxes on a regular occurrence….these kinds of changes were actually a good thing! It gave each CF community the opportunity to really distinguish themselves from one another and build communities that were aligned to their box mission. Even being pretty new to ICA, it is quite clear that we are built on a balanced, strong, family centered community with owners that really put their heart and soul into programming and fostering community within the box. ICA is a true gem that is by no means easily replicated! 🙂

  25. Happy Birthday Jess!!

  26. I just finished today’s WOD – perhaps I have that reversed – today’s WOD just finished with me. However, it is this kind of workout that really makes a big difference for me. I am so very thankful for ICA and the community they have built. My friends are sick of me talking about it, but they also can see a big change in me over the last few months. I credit a lot of that to ICA, Nikki, John and all the other coaches. I wrote my reviews and this is definitely a 5 star CrossFit box. I am sure ICA will continue to succeed.

    1. way to go Erik!

  27. Happy Birthday Jess – I miss seeing you at the 930….have a great celebration today!

  28. Happy birthday Jess!

  29. People may want to space out Yelp reviews. I wrote one today and I noticed the 3 from today got out into the “unhelpful” category and not being used as a ranking. I think they fell under “suspicious” since they all occurred in one day.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Chris. Here is some information about how Yelp comes up with their recommended reviews (i.e., the ones they share and use to determine the rating). I don’t see anything about frequency of posting, but it may be a hidden factor. The google ones are posting!


  30. Happy Birthday Jess!
    I also agree with all the points already made about ICA. I’m coming up on my one year anniversary and plan on many more. I only wish I had found it sooner! I have friends at other boxes and even though they like it, from what I hear, none of them top ICA. The community atmosphere and great coaches are what make me want to be there everyday! Maybe you could post a link to where we can post our reviews/comments?

  31. Happy Birthday Jess!

    Agree with everyone, obviously. I live in Hatfield and was at another Crossfit gym for a few years prior to joining ICA at the end of September (due to a job change). My new office was relatively close to ICA. Weeknights were an easy commute but the weekend commute is ~ 45 minutes. Then my office moved to Conshohocken. Well, now I don’t live or work near ICA, but I’m still a loyal member. I actually drive past other Crossfit locations to get to ICA! John and Nikki, the members, coaches, programming and community are beyond amazing and it is absolutely worth the drive. I’d be happy to write a review, I’ll wait a bit to identify the best forum.

    Thanks for everything you do-
    Jen T.

    1. Jen it means a lot to me that you drive so far out of your way to work out with us! We love having you 🙂

  32. Happy birthday Jess!

  33. 6pm Results

    Erin 6:51 (55, 5, 50)
    Jen 13:57 (55, 3, 100)
    Mel 12:58 (55,3,100)
    dave 15:00 (135, 5, 65)
    Pete 5:46 (65, 3, 50)
    MB 11:59 (45, 5, 100)

    1. 5 pm results

      Sarge 🙂
      Bob 10:28 (3@95, 75)
      Bryan 4:47 (3@95, 50)
      Mar 8:57 (3@45, 75)
      Joe 10:45 (5/3@95, 75)
      Zach 10ish (3@95, 50)
      Adam 10ish (3@95/85, 50)
      Julie 12:52 (5@55, 100!)
      Robbie 9:45 (3@95, 100!)

    2. Sarge 🙂
      Bob 10:28 (3@95, 75)
      Bryan 4:47 (3@95, 50)
      Mar 8:57 (3@45, 75)
      Joe 10:45 (5/3@95, 75)
      Zach 10ish 3@95, 50)
      Adam 10ish 3@95/85, 50)
      Julie 12:52 (5@55, 100!)
      Robbie 9:45 (3@95, 100!)

  34. 4pm
    OMC 🙂
    Pugh 🙂
    Jeff 12:00 (FS 55#)
    Sarah W. 12:38 (55#)
    Nik 6:54 (95#, 5, 50)
    Kerri 13:50 (45#, 3, 100)
    Zoo 🙂

  35. For my info 🙂 I did 55# still feeling it!

  36. Happy Birthday Jess!

    Love ICA & the family. I don’t have family on the eastern side of the state and you guys fill that roll… Thanks!

    1. Kehl, I’ve often thought of you as that younger brother I’ve never wanted.

    2. And you’re the older brother that was an All-American in high school and still holding on to that title 30 years after high school. The modern day Uncle Rico.

    3. Well played Kehl!! Rick will from now on be known as uncle ricco!!

    4. What a dick!! I’ve only been out of high school for 22 years. Hurtful.

  37. 5pm results

    Sarge 🙂
    Bob 10:28 (3@95, 75)
    Bryan 4:47 (3@95, 50)
    Mar 8:57 (3@45, 75)
    Joe 10:45 (5/3@95, 75)
    Zach 10ish 3@95, 50)
    Adam 10ish 3@95/85, 50)
    Julie 12:52 (5@55, 100!)
    Robbie 9:45 (3@95, 100!)

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