Daily WOD – Apr 23, 2016

Blackout Day #5

“Partner Kalsu”

  • 100 thrusters (135/95#)

5 burpees to start each minute.

WOD Notes:  Partners may split up the thrusters any way they like with only one person working at a time.  Both partners must complete the burpees every minute.

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  1. Results:
    Jess M (45fs) and KTS (75) 12:33
    Fili and Ed 13:49 (FS)
    Rick and Jenn 12:45 (95#)
    Gavin (15#db) and J$(45db) 12:46
    Austin Rx and Nikki K (65fs) 7:42 to 100, 13:26 to 150
    Brooks and Ceil 7:59 to 100, 13:20 to 150
    Steve(fs) and Mike C. Rx 15:59
    Nicole (65fs) and Tyson (65) 15:55

    JOhn M (105) and Andrew (75) 13:40
    Daria (44 RKBSx2) and Elissa (75) 10:42
    Shawn (55) and Patrick S. ??
    Alexa (75fs) and Vanessa (45) 12:30
    Eric (95) and Joe S. (95fs) 13:48
    Robbie and Tav 16:38 Rx
    DK Rx and Dubs (95) 17:59

    Awesome work this morning on a brutally hard workout!

    1. That was the best workout ever. So easy.

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