Daily WOD – Mar 31, 2014



Complete for time:

  • 400m run
  • 30 pistols
  • 400m run
  • 20 handstand push ups
  • 400m run
  • 10 muscle ups

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  1. Fili

    Now that’s a workout that’s right in my wheelhouse. Haha

  2. Jim

    I can knock out 1/2 of that no problem…

  3. Laurie

    Sooo glad it stopped raining!! Today’s forecast is perfect for running!

    1. B

      With you on that Laurie, I had the dogs out front today in the rain when everyone was running, thinking to myself – I don’t even want to be out here with the dogs! let alone run in this mess.

  4. Nikki

    I can’t wait for sunshine too!!! My best friend ran the new LOVE half marathon yesterday in the pouring rain. I jumped in for 3 miles of it, and couldn’t warm up the rest of the day. I’ve never been this eager for spring.

  5. Rick

    You think you’ve been eager for spring?? I’ve been performing ritualistic animal sacrifices in my back yard to appease Ra.

  6. Sarge

    Just a reminder that you can order your custom fit meals for next week!! Orders are due tomorrow!

    And… they aren’t lying. This week there is a menu item called “The Best Bowl Ever”, and its TRUE. The enchiladas are good as well.

  7. Rick

    Now that’s Karma. Who wants a kitten? As I was going out to inspect my wreck of a backyard (thanks lousy winter) I opened my compost bin to discover a clutch? murder? flock? troop? of kittens living in there. What do you call a group of kittens? Anyway, as I do not actually sacrifice live animals if anyone would like to come take them they are more than welcome. Give me a call on my cell if you’d be interested in taking them, 484-288-0355. If you’d like to catch the mother and have her spayed that would be great also.

    1. Katie N.

      And…cue Hilary!

    2. Rick

      Ha, ha Katie. Nailed it.

    3. Hilary


    4. Kim D.

      Hey Rick, let me know if no one else is interested. I have a ton going on with my rescues right now, but will help if needed!

    5. Sarge

      it’s a LITTER, Rick. 🙂

    6. Rick

      Thanks Sarge, it was escaping me. Kim, we’d like to get them adopted. I was not joking about Katie hitting the nail on the head. Hilary may want one and another friend may want another and possibly a third. However, until they are gone I am acting as if no one is taking any. My wife thinks they still need their mom for a while longer. I have no idea. There have been a number of litters (thanks again Sarge) and we’ve had some saved/adopted and some have just disappeared. Please note there is also a local fox that runs around from time to time, ain’t nature beautiful? Anyway, I just want them gone (safely preferably). If you know how little is too little or how long they need to be with their mother please let me know, you can call my cell I listed.

  8. John

    Mohyeed 17:48 (2xsquats, 6″, pu)
    Dan E. 18:03 (1/4″ pistol)
    Jacki 18:04 (16″, 4″, P)
    Marissa 18:48 (4″, PU)
    James 15:01 (row, 15 right pistols, 5″, 2xring pull ups)
    Jenn 14:00 (4 BMU)

    Jess 14:10 (2″, PU)
    Betsy 15:13 (1/2″, 4″, 2xPU)
    Kerry 16:12 (on20″, mm push ups, P)
    Chris 16:09 (on 16″, MM, MM+P)
    Katie L. 16:52 (to 16″, 4″)
    Moira 17:40 (on 16″, 24″ x 30 push ups, MM+MF)
    Sara R. 16:27 (1″, 5″, MF Pull ups)
    Sy 18:03 (5″, pull ups)

    Stuart 16:40 92xsquats, 20 push ups, 2xpull ups)
    Pugh 22:18 (1/4″)
    Tim 22:00 (2″, 5 MU)
    B 20:10 (1/4″, 5 MU)
    Nadine 14:00 (2xsquats, 20″)
    Jocelyn 15:45 (2xsquats, g push ups, 6_MF pull )
    Alicia 16:27 (2xsquats, ROM, P)
    Anthony 17:47 (on 20″, 4″, 2xpu)
    Tom S. 17:00 (4″, 2xpull ups)

    Rick 20:21 (MUA)
    Paul 19:29 (MUA)
    Anna 13:36 (3/4″, 9″, P+MF)
    Robbie 12:09 Rx
    Steve 18:15 (1/2″, MUA)
    Kyle 19:27 (10HSPU)

    Pete 18:08 (to 20″, 4″, PU)
    Jimbo 24:24 (5″, 2xpu)
    Zoo 14:30 Rx
    Kehl 12:29 Rx
    Sajan 18:05 (2″, 10MUA, 1 muscle up)
    Mel 16:41 (to 16″, push ups, P pull ups)
    Adam 15:38 (to 16″, 2″, PU)
    Erin 14:38 (to 20″, pu, MM+MF)
    Dave 16:30 (to 20″, MU transitions)

    Hats off to Sajan, Kyle, and Tim for all hitting their first muscle ups today. Keep it up!

    1. Nikki

      Nikki 11:22 (make up on 4/1)

  9. B

    That’s big! Awesome job gents!

    1. Lindsey

      Awesome job guys!

  10. Phil

    7:00 PM

    Allen 11:28 (to 16″, 6″, 2XPU G)
    Rachael 12:53 (to 16″, PU to 16″, 2xPU G)
    Laurie 16:00 (to 12″, PU, 2XPU)
    Jen N 12:07 (20″ box squat, PU to 16″, 2xPU G)
    Kim D 14:15 (2x Squats, PU, 2x PU G+MF)
    Scott 18:00 (20″ box squat, 6″, 2X PU G)
    Patrick 16:30 (PU, 2x PU)
    Jim N 13:39 (20″ box squat, PU to 20″, 2x PU G)

    Congrats on the MUs fellas!

  11. Nikki Knapp

    Congrats on the MU gents!!

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