Daily WOD – Jun 23, 2014


Choose your “Annie”

  1. “Annie” (50-40-30-20-10 of double unders and sit ups)
  2. “Muscle up Annie” (5-4-3-2-1 MU after each round)
  3. “Rope Climb Annie” (1 rope climb after each round)

WOD Notes:  Compare to 130319.


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  1. Lindsey

    I like this WOD better than the other WOD that is posted 🙂

    1. Sara R.

      I second that!!

  2. Fili

    I would like the other one.

    1. Jenn

      I’m with you Fili!!!

  3. Angie

    I think I like the ‘skip this Annie’ WOD. but it’s not an option? (But will be there at 5 for #1)

  4. McGonigal

    If anyone knows a college or high school student looking to pick up a few babysitting shifts this summer (and beyond) let me know. I have 3 kids 6, 4, and almost 1 ( and they’re much better behaved and well-mannered than Rick’s). We live in town. Thanks!

    1. Rick

      Same question from me but I will pay $1/hr more than Joe will and the sitter will get full popsicle privledges. Beat that McGonigal.

    2. McGonigal

      I’ll teach them them how to spell. Privilege.

    3. McGonigal

      Hint hint Rick…there’s a grammar error there for you to catch!

    4. Rick

      It’s a “grammatical error”, not “grammar error”. I thought that SJU Prep education of yours would have taught you better.

    5. Jeannette Lamb

      I have 2 daughters, Alyssa (college), Amanda (high school) who may be interested. Contact me at jeannettelamb@gmail.com if you would like to meet them.

  5. Laurie

    Wow, Tyler, those push ups look good. Especially with that girl standing on your shoulders!

  6. ICA admin

    Patrick 14:13 (3xsingle unders, RC)
    Jenn 15:18 RC
    Ken 17:21 (1/2 DU, RC)
    Tyler 16:43 (3xSingle, RC)
    Joe S. 14:55 (3xSingle, RC)
    Nadine 15:10 (40% DU)

    HIlary 10:01 RC
    Brian 15:30 (RC, 2xSU for last 3 rounds)
    Sarah W. 11:55 (1/2 DU, shoot thru)
    Jess 15:10 (1/2 DU, RC)
    Kerri 12:01 (2xSU, RC)
    Moira 18:16 (1/2 DU, RC to tape)
    Katie L. 15:07 (1/2 DU, shoot thru)
    Rachael 16:10 (40% DU, RC)
    Sarah L. 13:00 (3xSingle, RC tape) FIRST ROPE CLIMB!!
    Anthony 11:35 RC
    Steve K. 14:48 (60% DU, RC)
    Chris 12:35 (2xSingle) FIRST ROPE CLIMB TO TAPE!!

    John 11:40 MU
    Stuart 16:19 (40% du)
    Alicia 19:35 (40% DU, RC tape)
    Joel 15:45 (40% DU)
    Paul 14:19 (60% RC)
    Kyle 15:37 MU

    Hancock 12:55 (2xSU)
    Sarge 16:12 (3RC)
    Kelly K. 12:38 (1/2 DU, 3RC)
    Nikki K. 8:05 (2xSU)
    Linds 🙂 (1/2 reps)
    Em 12:15 (2xSU)
    Adam 17:32 (RC)
    Bob 14:59 (RC)
    Robbie 14:05 MU
    Tanya 14:53 (RC)

    Nick V. 14:40 (3xSU)
    Jeannette 13:48 (2xSU, RC)
    Daria 12:50 (SU)
    Zoo 15:13 BMU
    Tav 19:37 RC
    Dave 11:34 (3xSU, RC)
    Alyssa 14:28 (2xSU, RC)
    Joanna 12:34 (1/2 DU, RC)
    Erin 14:14 (1/2 DU)
    Mel 8:52 Rx
    Jimbo 11:25 RC
    Tina 14:36 (2xSU, RC)

    1. Tav

      Some day I will look back at this workout… And think “I should have stayed home that day”

      1. Tav

        Today I am looking back at this day, and I crushed Annie straight up with a time of 7:10.

  7. Sarge

    Hey ICA!

    Erin, Dave and myself (and a friend, Todd) are competing this weekend in 181-Degree Heat, a competiton at Crossfit 181P in Pottstown. Right now, the event is really small, only 14 teams…. Registration appears to still be open, so who wants to join us? There’s Rx and scaled, and teams of 2 (one male, one female) can sign up.


    Anyone want in?

  8. Rick


    Anyone looking for a free microwave? Yup, you read that right, free to a good home. First person to write back saying they want it gets it.

    A few details about said microwave:
    1. It’s Black
    2. It’s a Kenmore
    3. It’s on the smaller side
    4. It has a “Popcorn” button.
    5. It microwaves things.

    1. Alicia

      If nobody wants it, my friend works for the Family Resource Center at Bucks County Housing Group. They are a homeless shelter/housing assistance center. They usually need small appliances for families coming in…I can reach out to see if they need one…

    2. Rick

      Hey Alicia,
      Colleen V emailed me about the microwave. Just another great benefit to being Facebook friends with me. However, as we clear out our house we may have some additional stuff we can donate.


  9. Mokaz

    13:16 (3x SU)

  10. Phil


    Allen16:01 (50% DUA)
    Kim D14:23 (50% DU)
    Laurie 11:38 Rx
    Jen N 12:56 Rx (Annie-einnA 31:00)

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