Dave Boelker – Coach


A life-long, multiple team-sport athlete, Dave has always loved competition, including playing collegiate football. When the sporting opportunities ended after college, he needed to find another outlet. No longer needing to have the body of an offensive lineman, he got into running. That quickly turned to trail running where he has completed countless races of varied distances, even an annual 12 hour endurance race. Yes, a 12 Hour AMRAP of 5 mile loops on a mountain.

Tiring of the typical Mon-Fri, chest/back, tri’s/bi’s, treadmill routine between trail races is what lead Dave to CrossFit. He needed more; something that was invigorating yet sustainable. He and his wife, Erin, took their Intro Class with John, and still sweating from the Baseline, signed up within minutes for Fundamentals and 6 month unlimited memberships. A week later, an email came from Nikki that read, “Just a reminder that we have you down for your first Fundamentals session tonight at 6:30pm! We look forward to seeing you!” His response? “Oh, don’t worry… I’ve been talking about it every day since our intro.” Par for the course, even from the first day.

Since starting CrossFit in July 2013, Dave’s entire outlook on health, nutrition and fitness have changed to reflect the well-rounded, up-for-anything approach CrossFit training takes. While some of his favorite memories and physical accomplishments came on playing fields in high school and college, none of them rival the feel of putting a barbell in his hands, asking him to move it FAST.

Energized by the class dynamic, and of giving little pointers along the way, Dave earned his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in March 2014. He joined the ICA coaching staff in May 2015, rekindling his excitement for all things CrossFit, when a small movement pattern he’s helped them with provides a fellow member with a “lightbulb moment.” He is most passionate about starting newer athletes off on the right path of movement so they can use their own drive to achieve as they progress.

Certifications, Courses, and Degrees:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – March 2014
  • CrossFit Sport Specific Application Specialty Course – November 2016
  • FuBarbell (Diane Fu) Olympic Weightlifting Seminar – June 2015
  • Punk Rope Double Under Seminar – April 2014
  • Bachelor of Arts in English – Muhlenberg College, 1999