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Daily WOD – Apr 4, 2012

9:00 pm

Today's face off: Craig vs John

3 rounds of:

  • 30 abmat sit ups
  • 60 air squats
  • 90 double unders 

WOD Notes:  Yes we will scale the DU for those who need to! Please remember to sign up for 6:15am if you are coming.

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  1. Lindsey permalink
    9:04 pm

    In for 615 : )

    • Lindsey permalink
      10:00 pm

      Just kidding! I will actually be in at 4:30 tomorrow due to an early work meeting. Make me proud breakfast club!!! ; )

  2. Sarg permalink
    9:05 pm

    in at 6:30!
    going to bed now to kick this cold!

    • Nikki permalink
      9:18 pm

      Hmmm hopefully you mean 6:15 (am) or 5:30 (pm) … There’s no 6:30 pm tomorrow!

    • Sarg permalink
      9:31 pm

      yeahhh scratch my 6:30 comment 🙂

  3. 9:19 pm

    Anybody planning on ninja warrior project at cfwc? Carpool??

    • Sarg permalink
      9:35 pm

      i’m interested!!

      also, i’m super interested in the dog days at CFDV (surprise! i like pups!). anyone?

  4. Killa permalink
    9:27 pm

    I like the look of this now more than I will tomorrow. But I am down for this, looks good.

  5. Mike permalink
    9:27 pm

    In for 6:15am. I will most likely do the ninja warrior benefit in WC.

  6. Kevin permalink
    9:28 pm

    And that was me, sorry … Sara had hijacked my Mac earlier.

  7. Killa permalink
    9:30 pm

    Kevin just wishes he could be me, that’s why he commented under my name… a result I will have to embarrass him in tomorrow’s WOD. That is all.

  8. Killa permalink
    9:49 pm

    Kevin loves to set himself up to lose…he’s lactose intolerant, I’d win that also haha!

  9. Sarg permalink
    8:17 am

    6:15am results:

    Mike S. 15:38 (30 DUA)
    Matt: 14:59 (2x SU)
    Joe: 14:24 Rx
    Cari: 14:13 Rx

    Breakfast club agreed that this one looked much easier on “paper” than it actually was!

  10. 5:49 pm

    Scott 18:34 (90SU)
    Gunter 11:11 (180 SU)
    Craig 13:09 Rx
    John W 11:59 Rx
    Emily 17:26 (180 SU)
    Lindsey 19:19 (45 DU)
    Tanner 15:00 Rx
    Jimbo 13:07 Rx
    Tiana 17:44 (45DU)

  11. 6:19 pm

    Laurie 16:35 (60 du)
    Nick 17:40 (45 du)
    Kev 14:45 Rx
    Killa 13:12 Rx
    Karen 13:17 (20, 40, 60)
    John 26:45 (25 du)

  12. Phil permalink
    7:35 pm

    15:30 (45 du) finally able to string 6 – 7 together. next time RX!

  13. 8:21 pm

    Joe and I decided double unders don’t work in the morning.!

    • Joe permalink
      9:17 pm

      Anyone who’s seen me attempt DU’s in the morning can appreciate what Cari and I went through. I think I managed to string 5 once or twice. My forearms have the lashes to prove it. Awful. I have no idea why I can’t do them in the morning.

      On another note, I’m thinking AMRAP or maybe running. Who’s with me?

    • 9:33 pm

      Joe I’ve witnessed the DU trauma at 6:15am. It’s rough. But it’s all part of the constantly varied fun that is CrossFit. Tomorrow I’m hoping to do the 1600/800/400/200 but rowing.

  14. Sarg permalink
    9:33 pm

    who’s coming at 6 with an idea of what they want to do?

  15. Killa permalink
    9:38 pm

    Haha ice cream eating contest TBA, Nikki!! 🙂

    • Lindsey permalink
      10:40 pm

      I like Killa’s idea! I will be in for the ice cream eating WOD : )

  16. Barb permalink
    7:41 am

    O’Neill’s Garage was in on this too….sorry so late in posting.

    our hero ,Brian, Rx 15:50
    ouchy and blind, Spotts, 22: 20 ( double unders 90,50,50)
    why does Brian keep yelling at me, Barb , 20:20 (du 50 each.)
    olympic bound, Emma, 15:33 (180 su)

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