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Phil Zhu (“Zoo”) – Coach


Phil was first introduced to CrossFit in late 2011 when a friend suggested he check it out when he was looking for a conditioning program to get him ready for a mud run. Prior to CrossFit Phil spent his time building his body up through strict bodybuilding routines in globo gyms focusing on anaerobic concentric movements (bro sessions). After being demolished by his first introductory workout ‘The Baseline,” he knew instantly this was what he needed. He saw results across the board immediately and his whole perspective on fitness and wellness changed dramatically. He was blown away by the raw intensity of the diverse workouts and even more so the fun and supportive atmosphere of the box/community. In the fall of the next year he completed his Level 1 Cert and a few months later he began to intern at ICA.

Phil’s passion in coaching lies in his overwhelming belief in this method of training and lifestyle and his desire to spread this knowledge. He is passionate about helping athletes improve physically as well as forging that mental strength to go beyond their limits and what they think they are capable of. He is excited to be on the coaching team and looks forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!

Certifications and Degrees:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer