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Mark Kehl – Coach

Growing up, Mark was an avid distance runner but gave that up when he went to college and wanted to start building muscle. Post college, Mark continued strength training at globo gyms following the same regimen for years. He would sign up for occasional running races and would put his lifting schedule on hold so he could train his endurance instead. Mark was eager to find a way to incorporate both, but didn’t know how to do it, so he just kept up with the cycle.

Mark first heard about CrossFit from a coworker who started in October of 2010. For months, his coworker would talk about his workouts and use words like, “kipping, WOD, Spealler, and Fran.” Finally, in April of 2011, Mark decided to give it a try. He saw the WOD and it looked fairly easy…on paper. Mark thought he was going to crush it, because he had endurance and muscle strength. Boy was he wrong! He was floored, exhausted, and fatigued all in a matter of 15 minutes. From then on, he was hooked! Naturally competitive (mainly with himself), Mark strived to take each workout to the next level.

Mark continued to CrossFit with coworkers for the next 5 months in a non-CrossFit gym. In September of 2011, Mark decided to check out a real CrossFit gym…ICA! Hesitant at first and unsure of what to expect, he was welcomed by all in the gym; egos are checked at the door. Mark quickly realized his weaknesses and his coaches worked with him to balance everything out. Mark has grown as an athlete and continues to be humbled by learning something new every workout. As an assistant coach, Mark strives to bring out the best in each athlete. Mark wants to instill confidence in what they are able to do and let them know what they can become.

Certifications and Degrees:
  •  CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, October 2011
  • POSE Method Running Clinic, November 2011